Formula 1

Formula 1 2021: Monaco Grand Prix Review

Max Verstappen wins the Monaco Grand Prix for the first time. After Charles Leclerc couldn’t start the race due to the gearbox issue Max started the race in 2nd with no one on pole. He had a good start after blocking Bottas on the first corner and then sets the pace for the rest of the race. It is Max’s 12th win in his career.

Sainz got his 3rd podium of his career and first for his new team. Bottas who was originally on 2nd had to retire due to his front left tyre getting stuck and unable to come out. Lando Norris also got his 3rd podium of his young career and celebrating his new deal with Mclaren. Sergio Perez finishes 4th after starting 9th showcasing his talent.

Sebastian Vettel finishes in the points for the first time this season ahead of the impressive Pierre Gasly. The championship leader Lewis Hamilton finishes 7th after a bad race altogether for Mercedes. Lance finishes 8th finishing a impressive race for Ashton Martin. Esteban Ocon finishes 9th beating his teammate in every race so far . Antonio Giovinazzi round up the top 10 finishing in the points for first time this season.

The championship is taking shape after another win for Max Verstappen. Max leads lewis by 4 pionts with 105 to his name and 101 to Lewis. The Constructors Championship has also changed its leaders as Red Bull leads Mercedes by 1 point. It is going to be an exciting season and a battle that will last long.